Operations & Maintenance Alternative Solutions Co.
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A regular maintenance program is an integral part of fleet management: it helps extend the service life of your assets and eliminate (or minimize) expensive failures. Our objective is to assist our clients in protecting the value of their investment through regular maintenance, inspections and reviews of their equipment and systems. A systematic preventative maintenance program is far more cost effective than the enormous cost of reacting to failures.

OMAS brings its technical expertise, process, systems, and managerial expertise of the operation and maintenance of large-scale power generation fleets and water desalinization facilities. Our experience comes from years of managing the largest fleet of Power Rental equipment’s (Generators) in KSA, that of Altaaqa Alternative Solutions.

  • Our Services:
    • Fleet Assessment
    • Long term operations & maintenance plans
    • Development of standard operating & maintenance procedures
  • Our Capabilities:
    • High/Medium Speed Generators
    • Medium/Low Voltage Transformers
    • Medium/Low Voltage Switchgears
    • Ring Main Units
    • Load Centers
    • Standby Generators
    • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • U.P.S. Systems
    • Water/Waste Water
    • Solar
    • Oil & Fuel Filtration
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