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"Water comprises one of the Kingdom’s most precious resources and, with a dynamically expanding nation and a growing population, water resource management is a mission critical industry.

Altaaqa offers fast, affordable and reliable solutions for water resource management, directly addressing inefficiencies in water resourcing and providing alternative water supplies for municipal, industrial and commercial organizations. We provide performance guarantees, backed by careful risk mitigation.

Altaaqa Water’s core process, reverse osmosis, is used for producing potable and process water, and is one of the most efficient membrane technologies being used around the world today. Hydraulic pressure is used to overcome the feed solution’s osmotic pressure and induces diffusion of pure water through a semi-permeable membrane. The solutes in the feed stream are concentrated during the process and leave the system as concentrated brine, also known as reject. These systems effectively remove all organic and inorganic constituents, including monovalent species. Operating pressures for seawater reverse osmosis ranges from 750-1000 psi.

Altaaqa Water maintains a fleet of high efficiency containerized mobile reverse osmosis seawater desalination units that are totally self contained systems, ready for quick deployment. The 956m3 per day systems can be combined to deliver up to 7500m3 of water per day, and offer ideal solutions for clients in a hurry or with temporary or phased expansion plans. For larger applications, Altaaqa also maintains an inventory of 3600m3 skid-mounted quick deployment seawater desalination systems. Both quick deployment solutions are designed for severe duty with corrosion-resistant components. Electricity is required for operation, and because most units are deployed to areas where power may be unavailable or unreliable, an optional power module for use with a generator can be built in. Because energy costs in remote areas are typically very high, the modular systems are equipped with an energy recovery device which significantly reduces power consumption and lowers operating costs.

Altaaqa delivers consistent, quality water supplies at the lowest possible capital costs, providing total water solutions for Saudi Arabia’s major industrial cities, municipalities and private projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Solar energy is derived by converting heat and light from the sun into usable thermal or electrical energy. It is the cleanest and most sustainable source of renewable energy in the world and is a natural resource that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has in abundance.

Various technologies are used to harness solar energy for various uses such as generating electricity to provide lighting, heating, cooling and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Among these technologies, Altaaqa has adopted the solar photovoltaics (PV) method, which uses solar panels with photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are proven to be highly reliable and can work without direct sunlight, even on a cloudy day. Most importantly, solar energy has the capability of making a major contribution to environmental protection, especially in the reduction of greenhouse gases that are one of the causes of global warming.

By pioneering the development, manufacture and use of PV solar panels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Altaaqa has succeeded in driving down manufacturing and installation costs, making it the most cost effective solar energy method available.

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